Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a decorative door insert?

Decorative glass inserts are insulated glass panels that feature a decorative third layer made of either individual pieces of decorative glass held together by a metal caming or a wrought iron panel. Most inserts are handmade and often contain bubbles, seeds, wavy lines, color variations, welding joints. Some may contain surface imperfections which are the characteristic of glass and iron and are not considered defects. Our inserts are installed with a poplar wood frame which is specifically made for the Nevada heat instead of the common plastic frames which end up dripping glue or cracking over time.

  • Is it safe to have glass in my doors? 

The standard 1-inch thick decorative glass or iron inserts have our designs sandwiched between two 1/8ths thick tempered safety glass panels that shatter into small fragments instead of sharp shards. Similar to your cars windshield, tempered glass is 4 to 6 times stronger than annealed glass likely making them the safest windows in your house. Smashing a front door or window facing a street is simply too loud and overt for everyday burglars. If you are still concerned about the safety of your front doors we can install a double-keyed, double cylinder deadbolt or new second deadbolt.

-The facts are 94% of burglars enter through an open window, unlocked door or dog door. –

-Most break-ins are the result of opportunity. Burglars target easy points of entry. They don’t want to go through crazy lengths to get into your home where they are most likely to be unnoticed. – ADT Home Security

  • How private are the inserts?

Each panel has a different privacy rating from completely clear to completely opaque. All glass that lets light in will also reveal shadows or distorted colors. If total privacy is still a concern then privacy film can also be installed to the interior side of the panel.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer?

Door Insert brands each have their own warranty. All offer full replacement for defects, fogging glass, broken seals, and any damaged decorative pieces. Our installers workmanship is also covered for 5 years for the purchasing home owner. 

  • Do I need to buy a whole new door?

In most cases we can update your existing door without you having to pay for a new door and installation. The big door companies want you to spend, but saving our clients money and keeping perfectly good doors out of landfills is our goal! Better for the environment and your wallet.

  • What if my door already has glass in it?

No problem at all, we simply cut out your existing glass panel and insert a slightly larger frame to cover any existing lines from previous glass. 

  • Will my HOA approve?

In our experience our panels always pass HOA guidelines especially if there are existing glass panels in other neighboring houses. We do still recommend getting HOA approval if it applies for peace of mind.  

  • How do I clean/maintain my new insert?

Its as easy as cleaning your other windows. Our panels are generally smooth on each side with rare exceptions for textured glass but can be cleaned with any window cleaning solution you’d like.

  • What type of doors can I have inserts installed into?

The most common door upgrades are front entry doors but we can install our inserts into pantry doors, interior office, bathroom doors, even cabinet doors! We also match glass for windows, sidelights, transoms for a truly cohesive look throughout your home.

  • My door’s current hardware is worn or outdated. Can I upgrade the old hardware as well?

Absolutely! We specialize in a total refurbishment of your old door including new hinges, thresholds, handsets and astragals in the most modern styles and colors. Often times sprucing up your old paint job or do a total color change as well. We want to be your one stop upgrade shop.

  • How long does installation take?

A single door insert installation on average, takes about an hour. We try our best to prepare for your install day beforehand so you don’t need to waste an entire day waiting. 

  • How long do custom orders take to arrive?

That will depending on which supplier you choose but we try to keep our most popular styles in stock. Our custom in-house brand inserts for doors, windows and cabinets are made by hand. They’re assembled to your specific measurements by skilled glass craftsman sometimes taking up to 12-14 weeks to arrive. In very few cases glass may arrive damaged and require repair or complete reorder which is covered by the manufacturers..